Internship Experience at Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K), Delhi

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Debopriya Mukherjee


[email protected]


Amity University, Kolkata (Batch of 2015-2020).

How to Apply?

Anyone willing to do an internship can send their resume along with a cover letter mentioning the intent of internship to the email id provided on their website. The chances of approval increases if applied at least two to three months earlier than the desired start date. Only dropping an application is not enough, following up for the same is recommended.

Interns are selected based on merit and previous internship experiences in the first round. Thereafter, on selection, they are required to submit an original write up on any topic. If the write up is of their desired quality, then an applicant is selected for an internship.

Initial Days (First Impression):

They maintain a very strict office timing which is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. My first day at the firm was quite impressive. I was introduced to all the associates at the firm. The Jangpura office is smaller as compared to the Greater Noida one, but can still accommodate around 15-20 people easily. Along with me, there were two other interns as well.

Everyone works at the firm with full concentration and interns are also expected to do the same rather than chit-chatting with each other. It is essential for the interns to carry their own laptops. Each day tasks were assigned through mails or through calls in the office phone itself. Every associate is very particular about the deadlines given for the tasks.

They gave us a lot of research work on multiple cases they were dealing with and the interns are also expected to multi task if need arises. The quality of the work was good and they also encouraged us to read on different case files to give us how different applications are drafted.

Crucial Learnings:

My area of interest has always been Intellectual Property Rights. Khurana & Khurana’s pursuit for excellence continues as it celebrated 10 glorious years of service in 2018. It has been acknowledged many a times for its quick and effective services so far. K&K has again made its mark as a tier two law firm for Trademark/Copyright and Patent in offshore as well, according to IP rank list as published by Asian Legal Business (ALB). So, this firm is a good option to intern at, for anyone who wants to pursue IPR in future. This internship gave me an insight on how a corporate law firm works and how basically associates work towards meeting client’s requirement. This internship also helped me in enhancing my legal research skills and also gave me a platform to gain recognition with my articles and blogs.


My Go to Person:

My go to person was my mentor Ankit Sir. Even though, he sat in the Noida office, he used to assign me my task and all correspondence happened over formal mails. He was easily approachable and helped me clearing any doubts, I had regarding a particular work. There was Niharika Ma’am also, who would supervise my articles and help me better those. Everyone was really helpful and equally supportive.


  1. Overall internship was very useful and also quite a learning experience for me.
  2. The most beneficial thing is publication. If you are willing to write and you have good writing skills, the firm gives you to write on various legal topics which they publish under your name (only if the content is of good quality).
  3. This internship made my legal research skills stronger as the interns’ are given a lot of legal research to assist the associates.
  4. The availability of the partner associates is definitely an advantage. This helps in continuity of the work without any hindrance.


According to my experience, there were no such negatives.  No one really disturbed and everyone was really very helpful and welcoming.


No stipend was offered, but I received the internship certificate on the last day of my internship which I had to collect from Greater Noida Office. Anyone who is not willing to travel so far can request for E-certificates.

Additional Info (Hacks @Firm, Personal Opinion, Infrastructure/ Food etc.):

Taking initiatives is a must.  The associates are really busy so it is for the interns to show how much interest they take up in the firm’s activity and how much they are willing to learn apart from the work they are given daily. Maintaining deadlines is also a must.

I was at the Delhi office which is at Jangpura, the area is quite safe and the metro station is 6-7 minutes walking from the office.

There is no canteen in the office building. One can either get food of their own or order through any online app.

Locally, there are a lot of sweet shops and fruit thelas to eat from.

As I am not a native of Delhi, I rented a sharing apartment at Lajpat Nagar. The rent was around Rs. 15000 for a month which included food and laundry too. And, trust me lajpat Nagar is a great place to stay for anyone visiting Delhi for the first time.


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