Internship Experience at Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas (SAM), Mumbai

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Application Details:

The Internship Application can be sent at [email protected] (CV and a covering letter). A reminder may be resent 2-3 weeks after the initial application, if no reply is received. You shall receive an Internship Questionnaire that needs to be duly filled, and sent back for further correspondence. An internship is provided for an initial period of 2 weeks only (subject to extension, which can be only earned if the team recommends you, on the basis of your work). I was lucky to get an extension.


Working at SAM is one of the best experiences one could get, with guidance from experienced and learned teams on board. Work environment is very professional yet the associates/ senior associates are very friendly and will always make you feel comfortable.
On the first day, it is normal to feel nervous, as the ambience inside the office building will make you feel so. Interns are required to sit for an induction program on the first day at work, which is usually a lengthy session of 2-3 hours. However, the HR (Abha Ma’am) is very friendly and will help you overcome the pressure by making you understand all the nitty gritty at work.
After the session, you will be allotted a workstation with a unique ID and password. Post that, you shall meet your team, however, the first meeting might be very formal & make you more anxious. Stay Relaxed. Interns are required to write an introductory mail to the entire team for a formal introduction. Also, it is mandatory to prepare a detailed daily basis work sheet, which shall be submitted on the last day of internship. On the first few days, you might not get enough work. However, I would advise you to go and request your team for work atleast twice a day and try to interact with them as much as possible. Once you build their trust, you will start getting work, and even valuable suggestions and guidance from your team. I was a part of one of the General Corporate Teams, and I believe, I was lucky to be part of one of the best teams. All the members of the team were very supportive and helped me throughout my internship. They gave me valuable insights regarding all my work and trusted me with it. I can proudly say, it was my best internship experience.


The co-interns are very important to survive SAM, as you usually sit with them in an intern area, where every intern is provided with a cubicle. Stay friendly with interns, Build connections, discuss on important issues and Have Fun. Also, there is a small cosy cafeteria, where you are required to have your food, so it’s important to have good co-interns than to sit alone and eat. I was pleased to have co-interns with whom I became really good friends with.
Office Timing is 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. However, you might be called early or asked to stay back depending on work. Stay open to work until late, and try to show your team your presence.
There can be multiple tasks which can be expected from an intern: Research work, preparing short notes, Briefing your team on something, etc. I was given work on subjects ranging from
FEMA, IPR, IBC, ODI Regulations, Company Law among others. Try to prepare a detailed note on every research topic you are given, and request your team to give you suggestions on them. This way, you are able to interact with your team and learn from their experience as well.
On the last day, you receive an email from the HR team, whereby you are required to fill a form and submit the same to the team. You shall also submit the combined daily work sheet (approved by a team member) to the HR. You will receive the certificate post the submission.

There is nothing bad about this place and I would rate it as 10/10.

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